PRIVATE RESIDENT STUDIOS: $2.50 per square foot (Includes 24 hr keyed access, Wifi & Resident Member Benefits)

SHARED CERAMICS STUDIO: $125 per month + $25 Tech Fee = $150 (not including clay + firing) 24 hr Keyed Access

OPEN STUDIO / ART GROUP CLASSROOM RENTAL: $30 per month, per participant for four 3 hr weekly sessions.

CLASSROOM RENTAL FOR TEACHERS: $15 Per hour for one classroom.
For large classes a second adjoining classroom is available for an additional $10 per hour ($25 per hour for both classrooms)

To schedule a classroom rental, click on the appropriate classroom calendar below to view scheduled & available dates & times, then contact Amanda to make a reservation.


...Teachers, please fill out and turn in this Classroom Rental form with your rental fees.

JANITORIAL, MAINTENANCE & SUPPLIES: Add $20 per month per Resident Artist to all Private & Shared Studio Rentals

FACILITY RENTAL FOR PRIVATE EVENTS: $50 per event for resident artists + $40 Cleaning Fee/Waived for DIY'ers


Resident Artist Benefits:

  1. 24 hr keyed access to the building and use of studio owned equipment

  2. Wireless Internet Access (Wifi is free to the public at ASiF, no password needed)

  3. Reduced rates on gallery show participation for individual resident rents upward of $100 ($20 vs. Standard $40 entry fee)

  4. Reduced commissions on gallery and studio sales for individual resident rents upward of $100 (PRIVATE STUDIO SALES:20%  vs. Standard 40%)

  5. Reduced rates (50% discount) on gallery rental for exhibits and events for individual resident rents upward of $100 ($200 per month + $25 cleaning fee vs. Standard $400 per month +$25 cleaning fee for non residents)

  6. Spontaneous use of 3 large classroom spaces for larger projects at no additional cost when rooms are not rented (Check google calendar for unreserved times)

  7. Use of kitchen (refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, electric kettles)

Resident Artist Responsibilities:

  1. Participate/be represented at Gallery & Studio Events by being present.

  2. Make art in your studio!

  3. Art Center/Gallery Charge Support - Meet & greet, handle sales, etc. (Hours are Tues - Saturday 11am - 4pm) :
        - 1 Day per week (or Management of 1 Regular Committee Job) 

  4. Securing of the building Upon Entry and Exit: Check and lock all 4 exterior doors (except the gallery
    when an attendant is present during open gallery hours) each time you enter and exit the building!

  5. Conserve energy costs: Check & turn OFF classroom lights, thermostats and space heaters as
    often as possible and or when rooms are vacant.

  6. Keep private studio spaces clean and tidy and with appropriate security for your belongings with
    regard to public browsing and access to your space during open gallery hours.

  7. Maintain good etiquette and cleanliness with regard to use of community space including
    classrooms and all common areas.

  8. Keep kitchen clean, wash your own dishes, and remove food items from refrigerator before
    they grow!

  9. Participate in refrigerator cleaning, defrosting as needed (Take Turns!!)

  10. Empty community space trash and recycling as needed into large receptacles outside ceramics classroom door.

  11. Keep Amanda informed of needed supplies and or building issues, bulbs, signage, security issues, etc.

  12. Participation in resident meetings.

  13. Participation in event hosing, production, set up, break down, etc.

Rent & Dues to be paid on the 1st of the month using and covering all items listed on the Resident Rent Form located in the rent binder kept on Amanda's desk. These items are:

  • $2.50 per square foot, per studio, per month

  • $20 per month for janitorial & supplies.

  • $20 annually, per resident for Open Studios Art Tour Guide Ad (Not applicable to residents purchasing solo ads)

  • $3 per hour for classroom HVAC utility use

  • 20% commission on gallery and private studio sales. Send your customers to the gallery attendant to handle a purchase, they will record the sale for you, payment will go through ASiF and you'll be paid for sales between the 1st and 10th of the following month. Note: ASiF will also handle receipt and payment of sales tax for sales handled by gallery attendants and paid through ASiF gallery account.