Gallery Exhibition: January 15 - March 30
Please join us for 2 receptions & Live Performances by
Douglass Truth

March 15, 5 - 8pm: Second Reception & Presentation / Art Talk at 7pm / Live Music by INDUCTION

Join us for the second in a series of presentations and sit down discussions with painter, writer, performer, Douglass Truth. 

Douglass will share his stories and some of the fascinating narratives behind his work, inviting guests 
to join and take part in a conversation exploring the internal worlds from which artists create.

Douglass Truth was born in 1953 in Indianapolis, Indiana, into a family famous for its lawyers. Attempts at remedial education throughout the years have met with uncertain results, leaving him with a reputation as mixed as his media.

Douglass has worked as a civil engineering designer and surveyor during the pipeline years in Alaska, a dishwasher, a waiter, a chef, building dismantler, English teacher, and a software salesman in Taiwan. He also owned and operated a graphic design and silkscreen company called Flying Turtle Graphics. Truth began painting in 1996, and has been represented by galleries in California, Arizona, Indiana, New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

After a serious illness in 1998 Truth closed his T-shirt business in order to devote himself entirely to painting and writing. "After such a confrontation, or voyage, or whatever it was," he said, "you find out what is really important to you. I found that out, and am fortunate enough now to be able to try to do it."

Truth was a founding member and president of the board of the Storefront Artist Project in Pittsfield, MA from 2002 - 2006. He has written and published three books, I Am a Dog, Revolution of Flowers, and Everything I Know About Death (Subject to Verification) - all of which are available for sale at the gallery during his exhibition. Truth's one man show entitled, "An Intimate Evening with Death, Herself" has been performed coast to coast since 1995 with over 100 performances. Truth now lives, paints, writes and performs in Nevada City, California.

Douglass shares insights on the origins of his work... 
"In my paintings, writings, and performances, the harlequin, the clown, the watchers, giant stone heads, the flower people and the black dogs show up to point out, in ways difficult or impossible to articulate or modulate in our normal signaling fashion, from which directions we might be coming from, and what choices we might have going forward. I certainly believe in otherworlds, underworlds, multiworlds, and so on, but I also think we're there now and have never been anywhere else. Our vision lapses into a routine. The real mystery-one of them, at least!- is what's really going on all the time all around us. Here in a gallery, in the corner grocery store, our kitchen, our places of work, the cities and towns and countrysides in which we somehow, miraculously, find ourselves living right now. It's all alive and it never ceases to speak to us."

ASiF-Mud Hut ceramic art instructor, Claudia Jeffers shares her experience of giving her young clay art students, ages 7 - 11, a tour of Truth's painting exhibition... "This past week I brought two of my kids' classes from the ceramics classroom into the gallery to view the Douglass Truth exhibit. They were so engaged and excited about these narrative paintings and had so much to say!"  "The critics gather" was Truth's response - delivered with an ever modest smile.

Douglass Truth's painting exhibition will be on display in the gallery through March 30. Gallery hours are Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 4pm.