Above: Ceramic Sculpture by Chelsea Wesley

Hundreds of small original artworks
by more than 40 Artists!


This show is now closed… Strike/Art Pick up: Tuesday, January 8th, 11am - 3pm.

Michael Angell
Carlos Angulo
Eileen Blodgett
Sara Brink
Ivy Brott
Odette Brush
Florence Carland
Natalia Corich
John Damon
Kate Dumont
Linda Galusha
Sylviane Gaumer
Sharon Griffiths
Cheri Guerrette
Barbara Harris
Sally Herring
Francene Holland
Betsy Hufnagel
Lindsey Hynie
Claudia Jeffers
Dani Joy
Brie Macgill
Jill Mahanna
Juli Marks
Saskia Martin
Al Martinez
David McKay
Susan Michalski
Anita Morgan
Dugo Nore
Jean Patterson
Jan Pellizzer
Clay Platner
Louise Pryor
Michelle Reynolds
Lin Schiffner
Lois Shelton
Rose Shulman
Robin Sill
Gail Sims
Cathy Tardif
Vlatka Varga
Chelsea Weisel
Chelsea Wesley
Mark Wilcox
Marie Wolfe
Kathryn Wronski
Denise Wey

Also on display during this exhibition:
The Foothills Ceramic Art Museum's Current Exhibit:
TRANSITION” - New Directions in North Carolina Pottery