The Foothills Ceramic Art Museum Presents its New Exhibition...

"DINNER AT 8: The Fine Art of Dining”
Exhibiting October 14 through December 23, 2017

Museum Hours: Tuesdays through Saturdays, 11am to 4pm
Reception: Friday, November 10, from 5-8 pm in conjunction with
ASiF’s popular Smallworks in the Foothills Holiday Show
Enjoy an evening of fine art, food, wine & live music by
Jazz & Classical Pianist, Gregory Young.

                                                                     Tom turner - yunomi

                                                                     Tom turner - yunomi

For those far away, enjoy a virtual tour at www.pinterest.com/kenneth_u/foothills-ceramic-art-museum-vi/

The Foothills Ceramic Art Museum (FCAM) features selections from Kenneth Underwood's over 700 piece collection of internationally acclaimed ceramic artworks.  New and rotating FCAM exhibits will open approximately every two months, featuring new selections from the Underwood Permanent Collection, with a focus on a particular style, region, genre or technique.

Featuring functional, artistic dinnerware by 50 national and international ceramic artists:
Carol Aronowsky, Black, Larry Carnes, Ginny Cash, Julie Cline, D. Michael Coffee,William Creitz, Val Cushing, Fiestaware, Franciscan ware, David Frith, John Glick,Clyde Gobble, Barbara Harris & Sandy Cies, Theodore Haviland china, Otto Heino, Vivika Heino, Robin Hopper, Jewell, Karen Karnes, china painted Limoge porcelain,Geoffrey Lloyd, Chic Lotz, Loren Lukens, Dania Lukey, Mashiko, Japan, Kimi Masui,Richard McColl, Jim and Nan McKinnell, Ron Meyers, Louis Mideke, Jeanne Moir,Jeff Morales, Rodney Mott, Bob Murray, Masuo Ojima, Ben Owen Sr., Master Potter, Pressler (Middle Earthenwares Pottery), Janet Rothwoman, Sally, Lindt Stymeist,Tom Turner, Diana Ungerleider, Maria White, Jean Wilkinson