New Paintings by the Nevada County Plein Air Painters (NCPAP)...

JUNE 1 - JULY 1   /   RECEPTION: SATURDAY, JUNE 3, 5 - 7pm

ASiF Studios proudly presents the Nevada County Plein Air Painters "Study to Studio" Exhibition, featuring new paintings in oil,
acrylic, pastel and watercolor. Join the artists on Saturday, June 3rd from 5 - 7pm.
The "Study to Studio" Exhibition will be on display for the entire month of June.

Plein air, which means "in the open", refers to the NCPAP's dedication to painting on location. Plein air painters set up easels outside - for a full sensory experience of sights, smells, and sounds, allowing the artist to be completely immersed in the natural surroundings of the outside world.

With the constant rotation of the earth and sun, and an ever changing flow of shadow and light - painting on location means that the artists have about a two hour period of time to paint a particular color and light experience. For this reason many plein air painters will paint small studies or sketches on location, gathering and recording as much visual information as possible, and then finishing them later from memory, and often in larger format, in their studios. The plein air studies done outside are done quickly and painted loosely. While painting in the studio gives artists more time to be thoughtful and make changes that best convey their own, more personal visual experience.

For the "Study to Studio" show, each of the larger format finished paintings will be exhibited beside the artists' original small plein air study, so the viewer may compare them for similarities and differences. 

Many of the NCPAP have been painting together for over twenty years. In September of 2016 several of its members visited Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park for a plein air painting adventure.  Paintings from that trip will be included in this exhibition.

The Nevada County Plein Air Painters meet once a month at ASiF for informal critiques, planning of exhibits, plein air painting trips and museum visits. Several of the NCPAP meet weekly to paint together at ASiF as well. New artists are encouraged to join the group at any time... all that's required is a love of painting outdoors!  

For information about joining the NCPAP, contact Jane Welles at jwelles31@sbcglobal.


Odette Brush
Fran Jorgenson
Warren Knox
Susan Moreno
Linda Roemisch
Kim Roseth
Eileen Sitko
Patty Sussberg
Gayle Thompson
Sylvia Waddell
Jane Welles