Please Join us on Saturday, December 12th from 11am - 4pm for a cup of hot spiced cider and holiday treats! This fun, family friendly event will feature a visiting artist trunk show and demonstrations by Diana Fayt Ceramics, and Karen McKenzie Jewelry, and a Holiday Gift Making Workshop offered by Allison Bischofberger. 

All Demo's and Workshops listed below are FREE unless otherwise noted.

11am - 12pm: Karen McKenzie Jewelry - Copper Pendant Making Demonstration
12 - 2pm: Allison  - Needle Felted Animals Display
2 - 3pm: Diana Fayt Ceramics - Mishima Inlay & Image Transfer Demonstration

12 - 2pm: Allison  - Needle Felted Snowman Workshop ($15)
2 - 3pm: Betsey Leach Colorful Paper Window Star Folding Activity
3 - 4pm: Karel Hendee Silk Painting Demonstration

11am - 12pm: Denise Wey - Acrylic Painting Demonstration
12 - 3pm: Sharon Griffiths - Encaustic Painting Demonstration
3 - 4pm: Cheri Guerette - Watercolor Demonstration

11- 1:30 - Resident & Student Artist Clay Art Demonstrations
2 - 4pm: Clay Ornament Making Workshop with Claudia Jeffers 

Yvonne Bartlett - Mixed Media
Eileen Blodgett - Acrylics, Watercolor & Printmaking
Odette Brush - Watercolor
Cabrina Channing - Metal Arts & Jewelry Making
Barbara Harris - Mixed Media, Encaustics & Printmaking
Karel Hendee - Silk Painting & Fiber Arts
Sally Herring - Acrylics & Printmaking
Betsy Hufnagel - Encaustics, Printmaking & Mixed Media  
Betsey Marie Leach - Graphic Design
Jill Mahanna - Oil Painting
Susan Michalski - Mixed Media & Encaustics
Susan Muth - Fiber Arts
Jean Patterson - Mosaics
Lin Schiffner - Printmaking & Fiber Arts
Cathy Tardif - Acrylic Painting
Mark Wilcox - Oil Painting


DIANA FAYT CERAMICS... Diana Fayt is a modern day scrimshander whose chosen medium is clay rather than whalebone. Drawing on her background as a painter, sculptor, printmaker and clayer, her surfaces are alive with strange and exotic stories, part folklore and part personal narrative

Diana's intricate tales speak as much of her of her Hungarian lineage as they do of her fascination with the natural world around her.  Through her signature process of etching in clay, the shadows of birds and rabbits come alive to play in forests of intricately rendered botanical specimens, exotic sea creatures lurk below antique sailing vessels, primitive markings allude to atomic structures and everyday objects blur the lines between form and function. Fayt studied at the California College of Arts (& Crafts) receiving her BFA in ceramics in 1992. 

KAREN McKENZIE JEWELRY & METAL ARTS... Karen McKenzie's copper pendants are derived from her series of sculptural mixed media art works conceived as large scale mobiles. With the use of glass, metal, paint and various media her works are inspired by mosaics, textiles and machinery using imagery ranging from organic botanical elements of the natural world to bold architectural forms. 

Karen studied at California College of Arts (& Crafts) and received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Textiles and Metal Arts in 1992. Her career as an artist is multi-faceted and has earned her experience in a variety of settings including work as a set production and costume artist using a wide range of media.

ALLISON BISCHOFBERGER - SCULPTURAL FELTING... Allison grew up in Nevada City and attended Yuba River Charter School where she, as do many young people in this community, began her creative journey at a young age. With various artistic outlets throughout her life, including dance, beading and watercolor, it has always been very important to her to make things with her hands.  

Allison's serious felting focus began 4 years ago while she was living abroad.  It was in the North of Spain during what turned out to be the rainiest winter on record. During that time, in the many hours she spent indoors feeling, more than a little lonely, she finally sent for felting supplies from the states. A year later she returned home, and during the period of transition that followed, she once again leaned on needle felting, this time as a way to keep busy and make some money. It was during this transition that she realized the important place that felting holds for her as an artist. 

Allison on felting... "The needle felting process is one that I find extremely enjoyable and even cathartic at times.  It is both delicate and very forgiving and while I do start with a vision in mind, I love to see how my work evolves and eventually takes on a life of its own.   For some of my creatures I begin with a skeleton of wire and pipe cleaners, but other times I simply see what form the wool takes on. Oftentimes, what begins as a bear becomes a pig or a fox.  I try to keep my mind open and allow the figures the emerge instead of forcing them to fit the image in my head."

AL MARTINEZ JEWELRY... Al Martinez is a metal smith and jewelry artist practicing such timeless metal art traditions as repousse, chasing, riveting and hammer texturing, using fire formed oxidation to enhance the natural richness and color of such non ferrous metals as copper, brass, nickel and pewter. His LEAVES Installation, featuring over 300 intricately designed metal leaves, ranging in style from simple to steam punk, will be on display at ASiF through December 23rd.

MELODIE YUN - SIERRA BEAD ART JEWELRY... Melodie Yun is the jewelry artist of Sierra Bead Art and known for her bead embroidery art works, often taking form as a collar or cuff. The intricacies of her works are intense and provocative, featuring semi-precious stones carefully selected for their beauty and subtle properties. Each featured stone is ensconced in a sea of tiny colorful seed beads and accent stones. Her organic creations take on an other worldly feel... sort of like miniature three dimensional Klimt paintings... stunning abstracts and landscapes appear as sparkling jeweled pathways and gem-like hillsides. Part of Melodie'sOne Hundred Earring Project, inspired by her favorite summertime movie, The Hundred Foot Journey will be on display at ASiF through December 23 featuring her Pearl and Herkimer Diamond earrings and intricate bead woven designs. 

IN THE GALLERY - SMALLWORKS HOLIDAY SHOW CONTINUES... Holiday Trunk Show Event guests will also have the chance to enjoy the ever-changing Smallworks Holiday Show featuring over 60 artists. The gallery is taking in new art daily and selling works off the wall as we speak! Many agree this is ASiF's best show of the year offering holiday shoppers unique one of a kind fine art gifts!  The Smallworks Holiday Show will hang through December 23rd.

Upcoming 2015 - 2016 Open House Events:
January (Date TBA) Mountain Maid - Visiting Artists Gallery Show
April (Date TBA): Children's Program Showcase
August (Date TBA): Adult & Children's Program Showcase