Fall Session Dates at ASiF - TBA!
Contact Pamela Klein at pam@pkleinjewelrydesign.com for more info!

Creating jewelry is fun and rewarding! 
The philosophy behind classes is to have fun, to learn the fundamentals, and to really understand what the techniques are all about. And you get to make a beautiful piece of jewelry, too!  After a class, I want every student to feel like they learned more than they expected, and to have something in hand that they can be proud of. I focus heavily on fundamentals so, when new techniques are learned, there is a solid base for them to lay upon.

I teach a wide range of jewelry skills including metal work & soldering, bead work, and wire work. Most of my classes are “project-driven” – students create a specific project in a single day as a vehicle for learning a technique. 
I also have some “skill-driven” classes where the student might only make a sampler or a few small pieces because the focus of the class is the specific technique, not a finished project. 

It’s amazing what a beginner can create in a few hours given the right direction and focus! And for returning students, open labs offer a perfect chance to venture into new projects with some guidance and comeraderie.