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 Lombard’s influences include early to mid century American painters such as Selden Gile and Richard Diebenkorn and Russian and French expressionists such as Marc Chagall and Wassily Kandinsky.

Lombard's lyric vision of the natural world is charged with a unique strength and sensitivity. Her innate sense of composition is often achieved using vertical forms and strong charcoal drawings as armatures for her abstract layouts of brilliant color. Flattening forms towards decorative abstraction, she brings them immediacy due to their very lack of volume.

Lombard, a 15-year resident of Nevada City, grew up in the Los Angeles area and has lived and painted in Kings Beach, Ca., Wellfleet, Massachusetts, and Mendocino as well as the Fifth Avenue artists' community in Oakland. She quotes San Francisco art critic Tom Albright who says Fifth Avenue was "a stretch of urban landscape that is like a time machine where you can travel back a quarter century."

After leaving home at age 17 with $300 in her pocket, young Lombard made her way to Lake Tahoe, then Cape Cod, where she painted and worked as a lobster cook, cranberry sorter, housepainter and jewelry maker.  She later lived in London working as a kitchen helper in the basement of the University of London. She remembers her hitchhiking trip to Scotland and shares quirky memories of watching English truck drivers roll cigarettes with one hand. Lombard had her first solo show in Provincetown, MA.

Later, living in Caspar, CA. Betsy painted in watercolors and sold enough of them to finance a month long trip to Switzerland and Greece. She continues to be fascinated with Greece, having traveled there again in the summer of 2013 to further her language studies and gather inspiration for painting.

Lombard works as a Court Interpreter in Spanish, and loves open-water swimming with friends at Scotts Flat Lake, kayaking, bicycling and standup paddling. She is a volunteer DJ at KVMR.  Her show "Painter" airs the first Thursday of each month from 8 - 10 p.m.

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