Encourage the artist in every child!

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 Studio Awe at ASiF offers process focused art experiences to children ages 3 to 5. Children are naturally artistic when allowed the freedom and encouragement to interact with creative materials! The goal of these lessons is to nurture the artistic expression of all children, while taking inspiration from their natural sense of wonder.

Mixed Media Exploration
Ages 3 to 5 - accompanied by a caregiver / $65 / 4 sessions Thursdays, 11:00 to 11:45 am

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This is the opportunity for little artists to express their inner Picasso or Pollock using their own unique combinations of colors, textures, shapes and lines!  Artists will be encouraged to explore with various creative materials including pastels, liquid watercolors, markers, paints and more!

Contact Shannon to reserve a space - shannonmartinez20@yahoo.com 530 955-5788

Shannon Martinez - Studio Awe Teacher

● Studied Reggio Emilia method in Reggio Emilia, Italy

●     California credentialed teacher

I am inspired by art and nature and the sense of wonder they ignite in the imaginations of young children. My love of the "atelier" (studio) and my desire to be an "atelierista"(studio teacher) was sparked during my studies in Italy at the Loris Malaguzzi Centre and the schools of Reggio Emilia. I grew up in Nevada County, where I began my teaching career, then followed my heart to teach in schools around the world, including Italy, Malaysia, Indonesia, Austria and the Caribbean. I recently returned to California with my husband, Jeff and our two sons, Kiran and Kavi where we live happily in this beautiful and creative environment.