Featuring Paintings, Drawings
& Ceramics by Dallas Cruickshank, 
Abby Herring, Grace Pieper
& Taylor Wordell...

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RECEPTION: Friday, May 4, 5 - 8pm
Featuring Fine Art, Food, Wine & Live Music by Gregory S. Young, Chris Coey & Andy Armstrong

Explorations of Nature, Humanity & Home in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

MOUNTAINHOUSE is an exhibition of works by four Nevada County artists,
born and raised in the Mountains of the Sierra Nevada... 
The exhibit exemplifies the ways in which their shared truths, comfort, passions and early explorations of life in the mountains colors each of their creative lives with expressions of nature, humanity and home. 

Abby Herring grew up in the Sierra Nevada foothills, pursuing her art through photography and film. From a young age, she began exploring and capturing shapes, colors, textures and the complexity within mountains capes on her travels around the world. In 2013, after studying at Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA, she spent the summer living in Haines, Alaska where she began to play with paint in an ever more passionate and creative way. With a simplified visual language, Herring creates landscape paintings using color, line and shape, and reflect her love and relationship with the lands from her her travels. Creating her own, abstracted world through paints, pens and pastels, her connection to those places, though they stand continents apart, remain strong and true to her heart. 

Taylor Wordell grew up in Nevada City, California, a small town nestled in the Sierra Nevada Foothills... Growing up in the mountains, she spent much of her childhood outdoors and creating stories. Taylor recently delved into painting as a career after an artist residency position in Reykjavik, Iceland. Her art is a form of visual storytelling inspired by narratives, the colors of nature, and the human figure. Her pieces are a result of the relationship and conversation between form and color. Wordell's process is not predetermined, as each painting is an organic experiment. Through abstract and unplanned movements, an open narrative is told, which can be interpreted differently through each viewer’s experience. She works primarily with acrylic paint and stretched canvas"

Grace Pieper is a Nevada City, California native who began her work as an artist working under Photographer & Instructor, David Arnold in the Photography Department at Nevada Union High School. Her recent exhibition of photographic work entitled "Girl Stories" combined drawings and collaged vintage 1950's - '70's main stream print media, as narratives about women and girls and their depictions from then to now.  Pieper's Mountain House exhibition is a series of colorful line drawings, best described as playful inner landscapes. In these she combines figurative drawings with a wild and youthful un-selfconscious love of plants, mushrooms and animals.

Dallas Cruickshank is a Nevada County raised ceramicist and jeweler. Her work focuses on themes of contrast, relatablity, and location. Her primary focus and studio art major in school was figure sculpture at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, and has since fallen in love with the wheel, exploring ceramic possibilities at home in the foothills. Her fluid and cyclical design work is informed by the throwing process itself and is intended as a narrative for her work's role in daily routine and ritual. She is inspired locally by natural and social interaction, as these parts of everyday life relate to each of us in a small town environment.