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After-school Clay Fall 2018


Cheryl Lynn Allen Biography

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in art education, Cheryl Lynn graduated from San Jose State in 1993. She always wanted to be an art teacher when she grew up!

After graduation, she continued her love of Art and children by working as a child care director for the YMCA and small world schools in the Bay Area. 

Cheryl Lynn moved to Nevada City with her toddler son in 2000, finding work at Nevada City School of the Arts after school enrichment program, as director of childcare. She also worked with School of the Arts Educational Foundation to open a preschool at the NCSA Bitney Springs location.  She has also volunteered, coached soccer and worked as a substitute teacher equaling a combined 13 years’ experience with school aged children.

Cheryl Lynn shares her personal story and love for the Mud Hut. Her son participated in the program with Denise Wey when he was young.  “The opportunity to work in the same program that nurtured my young son is invaluable! Having the opportunity to provide children and families with a positive experience with art is a dream come true.! I still have my son’s clay creations and providing those same memories for other families is why I want to be here! 

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