ASiF is Now accepting Applications from Students Ages 16 - 20 for this one day Master Class…
In conjunction with Richard Down's solo show, ASiF's Summer Internship program and Richard Downs will be offering a free one day workshop/Master Class to it's two summer interns (one college age and one high school age art student) and a small number of young artists ages 16 - 20. ASiF is now accepting applications (see contact info below to apply). This is a fabulous opportunity for young artists to learn from a professional artist, how to sculpt with everyday materials such as cardboard, wire, tape, hot glue, etc... The workshop is being offered pro-bono by Richard Downs as a gift to enrich the education of young artists in his local community. Students will pay for a small list of supplies such as markers, poster board, matt knives, glue guns, etc.

July 14, 2019 / 12:30 - 4:30pm
This class is FREE to 5 Students, Ages 16 - 20!

A small supply list to be furnished to students prior to the workshop

TO APPLY PLEASE EMAIL: Amanda Paoletti at

“Sketching and thinking is always more fun than locking down the design and building it” - Richard

From analog design to digital preproduction Downs will take the students through a tour of designing in 3D. Using tape, hot glue, cardboard and paper materials the students will learn how to design and envision a sculpture that can be scalable to any size using a Smart Phone and Photoshop. Richard will be working on his own Maquette for a new sculpture commission along side the students in a comfortable classroom setting.