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                                  "Double Face Jug" by Joe Reinhardt and Ben Allman

                                  "Double Face Jug" by Joe Reinhardt and Ben Allman

"Tradition” - Featuring over 45 folk pottery pieces by the celebrated potters of Seagrove, Sanford, and Vale, North Carolina.

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Six generations of the Owen(s) family, five generations of the Cole family, and the Catawba County heritage of B.B. Craig and the Reinhardts.

Exhibiting Now through June 30th!
Reception: Friday, June 1, from 5-8 pm  Enjoy an evening of fine art, food, wine & live jazz! 
     Special Talk at 7pm by founder Ken Underwood: "Confessions of a Collectoholic"

Museum Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 4pm

Ken describes the exhibit: "Most of the pieces on display are from two families: the Owen (Owens) family and the Cole family. Multiple generations of those families have carried on the NC tradition: parents teaching children and grandchildren to join in the family business. The work is all handmade, but it is production work. They crank out thousands of pots every year for tourists as well as locals.

The shapes are simple and functional. A carved line or squiggle is all the decoration you will see. Two classic Southern forms are the face jug and the Rebekah pitcher, but imagination has created new forms like the Aladdin teapot and the accordion vase.  

For me, the glaze is what appeals the most. There is a restrained quality to the shapes that is belied by the exuberant glazes. NC art potters invest their imagination in formulating and naming the glazes: tobacco spit, Chinese red, Chinese blue, red eye gravy, colonial cream, frogskin, huff blue, green malachite, blue malachite, mulberry, chrome red, dove, gunmetal, crystal green, green stardust.

Come see folk pottery at its best!