Mould Making & Slip Casting Workshop with Samantha Veich & Nathaniel Wheaton...

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4 Day Workshop       /        $190        /        Limited to 6 Students!
Contact Samantha Veich to Register: 541-788-7393
Saturday & Sunday, May 19th & 20th, 9am - 3pm
Wednesday, May 30th from 2 - 6pm
Wednesday, June 6th, from 2 - 5pm


The first two days of class, May 19th-20th, 9am - 3pm students will complete the making of the mould... carving a master during the first day, (making a small bottle/vessel) and creating a 2 part mould on the second day. 

The 3rd class will take place on May 30th from 2 - 6pm. This gives the mould time to dry. For this class students will slip-cast 2 pieces from their moulds. If you already have a mould you would like to work with you are welcome to attend just this part of the workshop (contact Samantha for details).

The 4th and final class will be the following Wednesday, June 6th, from 2 - 5pm for glazing.