Art Collectors of the Sierras...

Art Collectors of the Sierras (ACS) is a group of art collectors who meet to present, share, collaborate and assist in the coordination and planning of an open to the public educational program who's mission is to educate the public and young aspiring collectors about art collecting and artists in their collections through presentations, lectures, and exhibits. 

The ACS Educational Program (ACSEP) gives fine art collectors opportunity to present and or exhibit portions of their collections while educating the public about them and the artists they collect. Meetings, lectures, power point presentations and exhibit space is hosted and promoted by the Artists' Studio in the Foothills (ASiF) Art Center in Grass Valley, CA. 

ASiF opened its doors in 2008 to provide a home to the local visual arts community and art based educational programs. It is a fully equipped studio art center housing an internationally renowned museum collection (Foothills Ceramic Art Museum - FCAM) exhibiting rotating shows of its over 750 piece ceramic art collection, and a bustling visual arts program supporting 3 classrooms, 20 private studios and a large spacious art gallery. The center offers art classes for adults and children in a wide range of media and hosts art events attracting hundreds of local art enthusiasts. Visit for more information.

Starting on September 9th the ASiF will begin the first in a series of "Collector Lectures", designed to educate the public about these fine collections and the artists in them. Special invitations by collectors to artists in their collections, to demonstrate and or otherwise present may also be integrated into the ACS Educational Program.



It all started when...

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