Figurative Sculpture...

Print Summer 2018 Gallery Show Postcard

Print Summer 2018 Gallery Show Postcard

Amanda Paoletti has been sculpting with clay since she was a child, marveling at the process of bringing lumps of mud to life with the likeness of mice, rabbits, frogs and little people.

“My figurative works explore narratives and the human form as vessel and vehicle, a hosting of energy, emotion and self... My current body of work  expands the singular narrative voice to a dialogue between interior and exterior, self-embodiment and environment.”

Amanda's formative years as an artist began in 1987 at the Maine College of Art in Portland... a traditional old-school fine art program with a mission of producing classically trained students through combined coursework in color theory, drawing - and two and three dimensional design. Though she dabbled in various media such as painting, printmaking and metal arts, she always came back to clay.

In 1989 she moved to California to continue her undergraduate work at the California College of the Arts in Oakland. There she majored in ceramic sculpture studying under bay area greats - such as Viola Frey, Arthur Gonzales, Art Nelson & Dennis Gallagher.

In 2008 Amanda began a community based collaboration on what is now a decade long entrepreneurial adventure as owner - director of the Artists’ Studio in the Foothills (ASiF) - a visual arts center and gallery  located in Grass Valley, California, offering studios, exhibition space and programs & classes for artists of all ages. 

Amanda’s summer 2018 exhibition at the Folsom Cultural Center Gallery at 48 Natoma featured her Figurative Trees Series, her cold finish “Bronzed Lovers” series, and her saggar fired “Opening” series. These and more of her figurative ceramics can now be viewed at her private studio, located at the Artists’ Studio in the Foothills, located at 940 Idaho Maryland Road in Grass Valley.