2018  WORKSHOP DATES: Workshops are held Saturday & Sunday in 2-D room at ASiF Studios
Apr 21-22    /    June 2-3     /    Aug 11-12     /    Oct 27-28

April 21 - 22,   9am-12pm     
You Can Paint! Beginning Acrylics  /   $125
This weekend is for beginners or anyone who wants to 'brush-up') on acrylic painting basics! 
The focus is on the natural world through landscape painting on canvas. 
No experience necessary...just relax and have fun while taking it all in!

June 2 - 3,   9am-3pm      
Understanding Color Harmony   /   $250
How you choose your colors and mix them is everything in a successful painting!
We will explore a limited palette and have fun creating colors from it. Hopefully you'll
feel empowered by what you can do with color by the end of the weekend!
This workshop is open to all levels.

August 11 - 12,   9am-3pm      
Painting Large-River & Landscapes /   $250
Painting large is embedded with surprises...such as breakthroughs just waiting to happen!
If you've been wanting to move up in size, this is the workshop for you. Yes, you'll need
bigger brushes, larger canvases and more paint, but it's worth it!
This class is limited in size and is open to all levels.

October 27 - 28,   9am-3pm      
Using Small Studies for Paintings  /   $250
Working from studies is well practiced by many artists. It gives one a chance to try some things
without fully committing to an idea. Sometimes the creative spark ends up in the study rather
than the painting; can't be helped...it's part of the magic! But most of the time it's very useful to do a study,
especially when you want to work out your values, color harmonies or paint a larger piece.
This workshop is open to all levels.

Pre-Registration for these workshops is required.    Class size is limited.    Please sign up early!
How To Register:
You may use the PayPal button by each class to register. Or you may send a check payable to Denise Wey to:
PO Box 3267, Grass Valley, CA 95945 For questions, please email
Denise: dwey@denisewey.com
$50 (non-refundable) Deposit to Register.   Payment in full due first day of workshop.  Checks, Pay Pal & Credit Cards Accepted

A small supply list will be sent upon registration. Each person will bring a canvas(es), paint and brushes and may
provide their own inspirational reference photo(s) as a basis for their work or use some of Denise's.